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Ihana ruotsalainen Mrs Mighetto saapuu pian kaupalle. 
Julisteet tulevat myyntiin 14.2 verkkokauppaan ja ovat meillä viimeistään ensi viikolla.
Printit kokoa 50x70 hinta 55€

MRS MIGHETTO "Into the Woods"


.Mr Eric and Miss Ester are partners, or the bestest of friends as they like to say. They share responsibility for keeping order in the woods, and Eric’s job is to look after the environment. Debris in the forest, he can transform to beautiful things such as; flowers, moss or small blossoms. That does not mean he is less involved in teaches all the little animals in the forest about the importance of recycling and composting. He is our environmental hero and makes acid rain and the greenhouse effect seem thrilling and exciting...


Miss Ester knows that sometimes you need a good set of antlers to show people who’s boss. Miss Ester won’t let any kind of naughty behaviour get past her well-guarded gate. She is the guardian of the forest and makes sure that order is kept, justice is served and harmony is upheld in every nook and cranny of the forest. In her very own way she makes even the loneliest spot in the forest seem cosy and inviting....


Miss Märta is a Tengmalm’s owl, the most beautiful of all the owls. Her enchanting voice transforms the woods into a magnificent concert. She usually only sings after dark and the only times that she doesn’t feel like singing is when the weather is gloomy, when it’s windy, rainy or snowy, or when her good friends are not around. That’s why Märta likes to keep her friends close. Her friends like to stay close to her so that they can listen to her beautiful singing, which is a win-win situation for everybody: the forest, Märta and her friends…


 Just like Miss Märta, Mr Ted is a member of the owl choir. His job is keeping track of time: the time of twilight. Many believe that the darkness of the night is bad and brings with it all kinds of mysterious horrors, but those are just false rumours without any truth to them at all. Ted does the magic with darkness and light, and the whole sky is his place to shine. And when darkness falls the music begins – music that makes everyone join together in harmony, happiness and friendship...

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